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Desert Rose Massage & Reiki is a place of holistic healing for renewing your energy body and your physical body. Desert Rose’s owner, Eileen M. Sakai, is a licensed massage therapist. #4856

Licensed since 1994, she specializes in working with the subtle energy field, and is a Reiki Master initiated in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.

Eileen is a teacher and practitioner of Etheric Healing, “Vormanns Method.” She has studied Shamanism and various sound healing modalities and tapping techniques known as DEH. Eileen channels light, energy, and sound for a healing experience. In a session, you will feel more relaxed, more in tune with your own higher vibrations, and learn more about your body and energy field.


1160 Merlin Court NW, Salem, Oregon 97304

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Desert Rose Massage & Reiki

1160 Merlin CT NW Salem, Oregon 97304
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