Distance Reiki


Distance Reiki is a way that you the client can receive a Reiki session remotely.

We schedule a session time and date as if you are coming to my office for a session. You relax in your own environment and receive the session for the allotted time we agree upon. This is your own session – the same as if you are on my table for a hands-on session. I ask you for your desired focus for the session before we begin.

1 Hour for $75


Etheric Healing is a hands-off modality (my hands do not actually touch you). Through Etheric Healing methods, a positive healing energy connects with the body in the area that needs balancing. It cleanses the area of energy that could potentially manifest into physical ailments and stress.

Our clients often say they feel much more relaxed and at peace after an Etheric Healing session. Some people say it feels refreshing; others say it is invigorating and their body is tingling after a session.

1 Hour for $85


This modality uses your energy field to find specific vibrations that are specific to you. We use bells, tuning forks, rattles, crystal, and our voices to align and balance your body’s energy field.

I channel the information, using vibrations and tuning to connect with your guides and guardian angels. I help you balance your chakra system using the pendulum.

Clients often feel refreshed, lighter, and more balanced after a chakra balancing session.

1 Hour for $85


This modality works by stimulating your CranioSacral system, in order to improve function of your Central Nervous System. CST heals the body and stimulates its natural healing process to treat a myriad of complaints, including:

• Central Nervous System Disorders
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia

1 Hour for $85

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